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I have the hardest time staying focused and learning things when I’m doing it by myself! When something is vague it can make learning or getting better at something feel intimidating and confusing. I wanted to make guitar courses for you that are encouraging, tie everything together chronologically, so you can learn guitar and stay inspired! In these courses, I walk you through every day and show you exactly what you need to practice and make it fun! They also help you save time trying to figure out what to practice and how to improve your skills with these specially curated lesson packages. Each guitar lesson builds on the next so you can have everything you need to learn and play guitar better in 20 days!

Which lesson package is for you?

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NEW! acoustic course

-Learn to be a more creative and professional acoustic guitar player

-20 video guitar lessons

- $35

-Comes with downloadable ebook and chord charts

-Beginner acoustic

electric guitar lessons online

electric course

- Starting learning how to improv and create solos you love on guitar

-20 daily video guitar lessons


- Comes with guitar chord chart package

-Beginner/ early intermediate electric

guitar chord charts

Just the chord charts

-Get this a well designed cheat sheet to remember all your important guitar chords and scales

-11 pages of chord charts/ scales

- $5

-Colorful + comprehensive

-Perfect for any level or guitar teachers


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Each guitar lesson video is curated in an order that makes sense and builds on one another.

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Save time

All you need to do is practice the guitar lesson sent to you and away you go!

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Create a habit

Take little steps each day to improve and skip feeling overwhelmed with too much to learn on guitar!

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