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So glad you are interested in working on your guitar skills and I am excited to help you get to where you want to be with your guitar playing!

All of my guitar lessons are designed to help you learn in a way that makes the most sense to you, feel comfortable and encouraged, and are taught in a 100% non-intimidating way. 

Each half hour guitar lesson is $30 and 45 minutes is $45.  I use Venmo, cash, or checks for all payments. If you want to do a longer lesson, let me know (I tend to find the shorter lessons are most beneficial!). 

Upon signing up, you will be sent a link to a Google Drive folder that will store all your guitar lesson videos and other materials. At the beginning of your lessons, I will make you a personal growth plan giving you a roadmap for guitar, that we will work on together. After I receive your survey I will get in touch with you about your first lesson start date.If you want to be an awesome guitar player and are interested in taking a Nashville-based guitar lesson, please click the button below to be sent my survey so I can best understand what you are wanting out of lessons!

Sound good? Fill out the guitar survey below to get to process started!