Improve Your Improv Electric Course

guitar course for electric guitar
guitar course for electric guitar

Improve Your Improv Electric Course


This course is for the beginner/ early intermediate player who wants to keep the spark alive in their playingI It’s easy to get to a point with your playing where you know the blues scale and all the basics but feel unsure about where to go from there. Improve Your Improv is meant to give you new tools to be creative in your playing, use your whole fret board, and take a step each day toward being a better guitarist!

You will learn:

  • Soloing through chord patterns using the pentatonic scales and other techniques

  • All the pentatonic scale patterns

  • Intervals (3rds, 6ths, octaves)

  • Jazz chords

  • Putting emotion into your playing

  • Different songs/licks that apply the concepts (some include: “Rhiannon”- Fleetwood Mac, “LA Girls”- Charlie Puth, “Lights”- Journey (the solo), “So Will I”- Hillsong, and more).

  • Tips to grow your Instagram

  • Encouragement to keep you motivated

This course includes:

  • 16 lesson videos from me sent via email and 4 inspo videos

  • Scale/ chord charts

Skill Level:

  • Beginner/ early intermediate. It will be helpful to know barre chords, have had some experience learning solos, and know your basic open chords. :)

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