Hi! My name is Haley Powers and I am a guitar player and blogger based out of Nashville, TN.

I have been playing guitar for 15+ years and quit my "real job" in 2018 to become a guitarist and content creator. A few years after college I found myself realizing that I let a lot of my fears get in the way of what I truly wanted to do. I felt like it was too late for me or I wasn’t the type of person that could start my own business or be a full-time musician. It wasn’t until I was able to truly believe in myself (I know that sounds super cheesy!) that I was able to start taking steps toward creating a lifestyle I had always wanted. The last few years have been the most exciting, terrifying, fun, and rewarding yet and I want to bring you along in this journey with me. Whatever you want to do with music, know that it is entirely possible!

There’s zero shame in growing and getting better at guitar and it’s all about having fun, expressing emotions, and relating to other people — not about being the very best! I want us to have joy and passion in our guitar playing, and practice our hearts out because we love this. Getting better at guitar can be amazing, life-giving, frustrating, discouraging, and a way to connect.

I now play in a number of different bands and play gigs each week (both in Nashville and on short tours!), have sponsorships with Taylor Guitars, Rivolta Guitars, Eventide Audio, Ernie Ball, Orangewood, CNZ Audio, and others as well as having been invited by NAMM to do social media at their annual conferences the past few years.

I believe God makes every person amazing and unique, and that He has a specific place and purpose he calls each of us to. So this site is in not about being a perfect, famous, or a super cool guitar player (cause yikes - couldn’t teach ya that!) , but rather a place for us to be exactly who we are and geek out about guitar things together.  Send me a message if you want to connect!


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