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Hi! My name is Haley Powers and I am a guitar nerd and blogger based out of Nashville, TN.

I started this blog, my Insta, and guitar tutorials (online and in-person!) in 2017 because I wanted to help you become the most you version of yourself as a guitar player and as a human!

There’s zero shame in growing and getting better at guitar — I am 100% on this journey too. It’s easy to look at professional players who have been playing forever and think you’ll never get there.

But we are in this together.  

Guitar is all about having fun, expressing emotions, and relating to other people — not about being the very best! I want us to have joy and passion in our guitar playing, and practice our hearts out because we love this. Getting better at guitar can be amazing, life giving, frustrating, discouraging, and a way to connect.

I believe God makes everyone with amazing and unique things about them, and that He has a specific place and purpose he calls each of us to. So this site is in not about being a perfect, famous, or a super cool guitar player, but rather a place for us to be exactly who we are and geek out about guitar things together.  Send me a message if you want to connect!


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